Visits National Park to Give Writers a Break from High Season Rush

There is nothing like nature to inspire the mind and refresh the spirit. Realizing this, is taking a field trip to a nearby national park. Some writers are novices in the outdoors, while others are veteran park aficionados; both groups will enjoy the visit. We hope that this outing will give our writers a new lease on creativity.

We love the fresh air, sun, birds, and stately trees. For some of the staff, however, the best part of any wilderness trip is that al fresco confection of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, called s’mores, melting over the camp fire. It’s all so different from our quotidian work experience that it cannot help but provide a fresh perspective. A trip to a national park is probably the swiftest and closest way for writers to escape the usual. We expect that the well-documented benefits of change and novelty will pay off for the customers of our academic support services.

This is not the first time we have coaxed our writers out of the office to give them something to look at other than cubicle. We have descriptions of some of our other writer enrichment excursions at our website, These trips have been gratifyingly successful at broadening everyone’s point of view and blowing away the stale air and ideas.

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