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DALLAS, Dec. 13 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — Three-time All American baseball player Rafael Palmeiro can add another award to his list. He’s the winner of the 2005 Bimbo of the Year Awards, honoring the worst public comments made this
year. He is joined by several celebrities, lawyers, Tyco Ex-Chief Denis
Kozlowski and others whose media missteps garnered nominations for the Bimbo
Award’s 2005 Top 10 List.

The Bimbo Award was created by Merrie Spaeth, former Director of White
House Office of Media Relations for President Reagan. One criterion for
nomination is that the speaker causes the listener to believe exactly the
opposite of what is said. The awards were named after the protest of the
young woman whose tryst with a well-known evangelist some years ago made news
around the world. Her comment, “I Am Not A Bimbo,” became the headline in
scores of newspapers and a cover of People Magazine in 1987. The firm
receives thousands of nominations during the year through its website,
http://www.spaethcom.com . The worst offenders are published in a monthly “Bimbo
Awards” e-newsletter.

The 2005 Top 10 Bimbo Award “winners” include:

1. “I am not a crazy person. I am not stupid,” said Rafael Palmeiro who
famously testified before Congress, “I have never used steroids,” only to
later test positive. Palmeiro then made it worse, first by insisting it was an
“accident,” and then issuing a statement to young fans tacitly acknowledging
he had done it. Then, when the Congressional report was made public at the end
of the year, Palmiero amended his statement to say, “I never intentionally
used steroids.”
“Palmeiro Didn’t Want this Attention,” The Washington Times,
August 2, 2005.

2. “People think that I’m a greedy guy; that I was overcompensated. Greed
I think is the key word,” former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski said. He
continues, “I firmly believe that I never did or intended to do anything
wrong…I cannot believe they say words like larceny.”
“Tyco Ex-Chief Is Humbled but Unbowed,” Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York
Times, January 16, 2005.

3. “We’re not the freakish demons people make us out to be,” said Mark
Kulkis, a porn movie producer who bought two $2,500 tickets to have dinner
with President Bush at a fund-raiser, adding “I’m not a creep with a coke
spoon around his neck.” Accompanying Mr. Kulkis was one of his stars, Mary
Carey, who said she wants to run for President herself, noting, “I’m very
friendly,” and explaining, “I kind of wanted to be a porn star. I wasn’t raped
or abused.” Bristling at the suggestion that it might be less than appropriate
for a porn queen to talk to the President, Ms. Carey said, “I probably have
less sex with those guys than any college girl.” (Sources say she did not chat
with the President.)
“Porn Star Mary Carey excited about Flag Day dinner with President Bush,”
WorldNetDaily.com, June 8, 2005.

4. “I’m not crazy. I’m not smoking crack. I’m not in a mental facility,”
said comedian Dave Chappelle who disappeared during the filming of his Comedy
Central show.
Multiple reports, May 16, 2005.

5. “When you hear the name Trump, you think money; when you hear the name
Gotti, you think of crime.” (The speaker was Mr. Gotti’s own lawyer, talking
on CNN.)
“Lawyer Says ‘Junior’ Gotti has Reformed,” CNN.com, August 8, 2005.

6. “He isn’t using me for anything … He’s not a disgusting pig,” said
Paris Hilton, the celebrity famous for being famous, on her relationship (now
ended) with shipping heir Paris Latsis.
“What the gossip mags say,” The Sydney Morning Herald, June 8, 2005.

7. “Women should be dressed in white like all other domestic appliances,”
said Formula One President Bernie Ecclestone about Danica Patrick’s historic
performance at the Indy 500. Ecclestone called Patrick to congratulate her —
and apologize — but felt compelled to repeat the comment again! Patrick
confessed she was “confused” about why Ecclestone would do this. (We bet she
was … but not as confused as Mr. Ecclestone.)
“F1 CEO Compares Women to ‘Domestic Appliances,” ESPN, July 8, 2005.

8. A drug sniffing dog identified marijuana in a vehicle which turned out
to be driven by the County Supervisor in Cochise County, Ariz. The County
Supervisor said, “(he) … was not smoking marijuana on that day.”
“Pot claim costs supe county car,” Ignacio Ibarra, Arizona Daily Star,
December 8, 2004.

9. Peter Brabeck-Lemathe, head of Nestle S.A., said that companies have no
obligation to “give back” to a community, adding, “What the hell have we taken
away from society by being a successful company that employs people?” (Guess
we won’t be seeing Nestle on Fortune’s list of “Most Admired” companies any
time soon.)
“Nestle chief rejects the need to ‘give back’ to communities,” Jennifer
Heldt Powell, The Boston Herald, March 9, 2005.

10. “The actions were not politically motivated,” said Baptist pastor Chan
Chandler who asked Democrats to leave his South Carolina Church.
WLOS-Asheville, SC, May 6, 2005.

And, finally, a reminder that this is no way to end an interview …
Texas Governor Rick Perry was caught unflatteringly on tape by Austin’s
KTRK-TV regarding the rollout of his education plan. At the end of the
interview, reporter Ted Oberg acknowledged that Mr. Perry had maintained the
secrecy of his plan for another day: “Try as I may Governor, I guess I can’t
win this one.” Mr. Perry then apparently mocked Mr. Oberg, saying, “Try as I
may governor, I’m just not going to wait that long … ” ending with the
sign-off, “Adios, mo-fo.” After the clip ran on the morning news, Governor
Perry was all apologies at the press conference announcing his new education
plan. (The state of Texas wasn’t the only one getting an “education” that

“Off-color quip leaves Perry with a red face,” The Dallas Morning News,
June 22, 2005.

Nominations for Bimbo of the Year can be submitted at http://www.spaethcom.com.
Comments garnering the most nominations each month are published in a monthly
Bimbo Award newsletter.

Web Site: http://www.spaethcom.com

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