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Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c43297) has announced the addition of Principles of European Environmental Law to their offering.

The precautionary principle, the polluters pay principle and similar principles have become embedded in the language of contemporary environment policy. In this important new study, leading European experts in environmental law consider the legal significance of such environmental principles, both in jurisprudential theory and in practice before the courts.

The development of the principles within the European Treaty is considered as well as the approach of the European Court of Justice to their interpretation. But it is the interpretation of environmental principles in front of national courts within Europe that forms the heart of the study, with chapters covering a number of the key Europe jurisdictions. Are such principles raised in cases? How do judges apply them? Do they determine the outcome of legal disputes?

The study, the first of its kind, presents a dynamic picture of environmental case law across Europe, and will be of importance to practitioners, advanced students, and those concerned with the future development of environmental law and policy.

About the editor:

Prof. Macrory is Professor of Environmental Law at UCL, Faculty of Laws. Richard Macrory was a Member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution between 1992 and 2003, and is currently a Board Member of the Environment Agency in England and Wales. He is editor in chief of the Journal of Environmental Law (Oxford University Press) and legal correspondent to ENDS Report. He is a Vice-President of the National Society for Clean Air. In 2001-2003 he was elected chairman of the Steering Group of the European Environmental Advisory Councils, a informal network of official environmental advisory bodies throughout Europe.

Chapter Titles include:

Chapter 1 – Principles into Practice
Chapter 2 – The Legal Nature of Environmental Principles in
International, EC and German Law
Chapter 3 – The Genesis of EC Environmental Principles
Chapter 4 – The Precautionary Principle before the European Courts
Chapter 5 – European Environmental Law Principles in Belgian
Chapter 6 – Implementation and Application of Environmental Principles
in Danish Law
Chapter 7 – Principles into Practice – The German Case
Chapter 8 – The Environmental Principles of the EC Treaty as a Legal
Basis for Judicial Decisions in the Italian Case Law
Chapter 9 – European Environmental Principles in Dutch Case Law
Chapter 10 – The Application and Interpretation of the Core
Environmental Principles by the Portuguese Courts
Chapter 11 – The Application of the Core EC Environmental Principles
Chapter 12 – Environmental Principles in the United Kingdom
Chapter 13 – Environmental Principles – Experiences of Transition
Chapter 14 – Environmental Principles, Modern and Post-modern Law

Table of Cases

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