DVLA Tax Disappears

DVLA Tax Disappears 2

The UK Government has abolished the vehicle tax disc, the DVLA changes that will benefit both fleets as well as the ‘man on the road’.

The paper discs will no longer be issued from October and from November 1 drivers can play their vehicle tax online via direct debit and on an annual or six- or monthly bais.

Tax will no longer be transferable when a vehicle is sold. Instead the new owner must pay vehicle tax before they may use their new car.   The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) holds a digital record of taxed and untaxed vehicles. It will continue to notify drivers when the tax is up for renewal – See more at: http://www.tax-

The Government has announced changes to the DVLA that will benefit fleets as well as drivers by giving access to more online and tailored services.

The changes follow a review of the DVLA launched in October 2013 that called for revisions including removing the driving licence paper counterpart, removing the requirement for annual statutory off road notifications, only issuing registration documents for fleet operators when needed, and removing the need for insurance to be checked when applying for tax.

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