Entertainment and Litigation Firm Name Change – New Name Recognizes Creative and Innovative Approach

LOS ANGELES (April 15, 2008) – LAWFUEL – Building on its reputation for successfully resolving complex entertainment and business disputes, White O’Connor announced today that it has added the names of two of its partners, David E. Fink and Lee S. Brenner, to the firm’s name to signify the innovative approaches of the next generation of top-flight litigators at the firm.

The new name is White O’Connor Fink & Brenner LLP.

“Our lawyers are known for their innovative legal strategies and for their individualized service to clients,” said Andrew M. White, one of the firm’s founders. “Changing our name is a public recognition of these creative legal strategies and the personalized services that have brought some of the biggest names in entertainment and business to our firm for representation.”

The newest named partners, Mr. Fink and Mr. Brenner, are founding members of the firm who have consistently demonstrated the creative strategies and dynamic litigation styles that enabled the firm to achieve significant victories in a wide variety of complex disputes. Both are widely recognized for effectively representing both sides of the counsel table in business, commercial and entertainment lawsuits.

Mr. Fink has represented major news media, television and entertainment clients on a wide variety of First Amendment, entertainment and business matters. Los Angeles Magazine has named him a Southern California “Super Lawyer” every year since 2004.

Mr. Brenner is a sought-after expert on copyright and idea submission matters who has lectured extensively and authored several articles on both subjects. He also has been recognized as a “Rising Star” among Southern California litigators for the last four years.

At the same time their names are added to the firm’s door, it will continue to bear the well-known names of Mr. White and Michael J. O’Connor. With more than six decades of trial experience and courtroom victories between them, Mr. White and Mr. O’Connor are potent symbols of the firm’s extensive experience in entertainment and business litigation as well its tradition of tailoring its services to fit each of its clients.

Over their careers, they have represented a wide range of clients, from well-known Fortune 500 companies to some of the country’s leading entertainment and news outlets, including Paramount, ABC, CBS, Fox, Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, MGM, MTV, Viacom and New Line Cinema.

Under its new name, the firm will continue to set legal precedents, as it did in three recent court rulings. The firm’s lawyers won two ground-breaking appellate court decisions: One protected the movie, the “Wedding Crashers,” against an idea submission action, and another protected a group of reporters against a lawsuit that could have interfered with their reporting on the late actor, Marlon Brando. White O’Connor lawyers also secured a precedent-setting U.S. District Court opinion in a copyright infringement claim involving the television series, “Rachel Ray.”

About White O’Connor Fink & Brenner LLP

White O’Connor Fink & Brenner LLP is a Century City law firm specializing in complex business, commercial and entertainment lawsuits. Its attorneys have extensive experience defending and prosecuting cases involving entertainment, First Amendment (including defamation, disparagement and invasion of privacy claims), insurance, media-related torts, real estate, copyright, trademark, antitrust, class actions and other complicated commercial disputes. For more information, please visit www.whiteo.com

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