Ex Oakland A Jose Canseco in Legal Trouble

According to an recent headline in various mainstream news and sports news outlets,disgraced former major league player Jose Canseco is being sued by his former lawyer.

The apparent reason for this lawsuit is his refusal or perhaps failure to produce legal fees. Lawyer Robert Saunooke has filed this suit against the former big league star and admitted steroid taker in the Broward County Circuit Court late last month for non-payment of legal fees at a time when he was apparently making good money. “Canseco set up fraudulent corporations in Florida and California to hide his assets,” according to the lawsuit.

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“I had thought he was a friend. That’s why I stayed with him as long as I did……”stated canseco’s
former lawyer. He perhaps should have considered just how the former slugger treated his other “friends” like this.

What is Jose’s side of the story? He claims he handed over his world series rings as payment. But his former lawyer disputes this and says that he
received his 2 World Series rings as partial payment.

In fact he claims that he paid his ex-wife Jessica forty thousand dollars for them because Canseco was
delinquent on his child support payments (does anyone see a pattern here? And this is a guy at the top of the pay scale for quite some time).

“I said I will (purchase) them from (his ex-wife) and then if he can pay me back later, then he can get his rings back and keep his personal history,” said Saunooke. Tell all book where he basically ratted out his former teammates like a two bit stool pigeon and chronicles in much detail their sordid steroid abuse. In fact his ex lawyer assisted him with his book deals plus his civil & criminal issues while negotiating his various contracts.

Canseco has had a lot of such legal issues over the
years including at least one firearm violation and
spousal abuse as well a Miami nightclub incident.

Wow, with friends like him, who really needs enemies. What a classy guy. Canseco played big league baseball for the most part with the talented Oakland A’s and hit more than 400 big fly’ in his storied career. One of his greatest season’e was in 1988 and that year the A’s were narrowly defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers under Tommy Lasorda and led by pitcher Orel Hershiser. He admits to using steroids extensively during that time period.

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