FBI Most Popular – FBI’S Top Ten News Stories

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – For the Week Ending September 28, 2007

1. Operation Raw Deal Nets 124 Arrests Nationwide

An international investigation targeting the illegal manufacturing and trafficking of anabolic steroids and its raw materials, mainly from China, resulted in the arrest of more than 124 individuals in the US. These law enforcement operations were the result of “Operation Raw Deal,” the largest steroid enforcement action in U.S. history. Full Story

2. Anchorage: Former Alaska State Speaker of the House Convicted on Public Corruption Charges

Former Alaska State representative and former Alaska State Speaker of the House Peter Kott was found guilty of bribery, extortion, and conspiracy. In exchange for casting votes to benefit a major Alaska oil company, Kott received cash, checks and the promise of a future job with the company. Full Story

3. Miami: Three Defendants Sentenced in $826 Million Securities Fraud Conspiracy

Raquel Kohler, Ameer Khan, and Stephen Ziegler were sentenced to five years imprisonment followed by three years supervised release and were ordered to pay $826 million in restitution for their conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Full Story

4. New York: Extradition of Accused Terrorist From Czech Republic

Oussama Abdullah Kassir has been extradited from the Czech Republic for conspiring to provide material support and resources to al Qaeda. Kassir operated several terrorist websites as well as participated in the effort to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon. Full Story

5. San Francisco: Two Indicted for Economic Espionage

Lan Lee of Palo Alto, CA, and Yuefe Ge of San Jose, CA, were indicted on charges of economic espionage, theft of trades secrets, and conspiracy. While employed by NetLogics Microsystems, the two allegedly conspired to steal trade secrets related to computer chip design and development from their employer and from another company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. They sought funding from the Government of China for their company, SICO Microsystems, Inc., which they created to develop and market products derived from and using the stolen trade secrets. Full Story

6. Chicago: Manhunt for Fugitive Brothers Intensifies

The Chicago Division of the FBI is seeking public assistance locating fugitives Ismael Saucedo, Jr. and his brother, Lionel Saucedo. The two are wanted for drug conspiracy in connection with the operation of a massive drug distribution business that supplied cocaine from Mexican drug cartels to Lake County, IL, street gangs. The two failed to appear at trial in 2006. Full Story

7. Los Angeles: Water District Board Member Charged With Lying About Receiving Congressional Medal of Honor

Xavier Alvarez, a member of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District Board of Directors, was charged with falsely claiming to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Full Story

8. Memphis: Two Indicted on Conspiracy and Bribery Charges Related to Issuance of Fraudulent Driver Licenses

Tennessee Department of State driver license examiner Latoya Cooper of Nashville, and Terry Biles of Murfreesboro were indicted on conspiracy and bribery charges related to the issuance of fraudulent driver licenses. Biles and Cooper are both charged with conspiracy to commit bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds. Biles is also charged with offering and giving bribes concerning programs receiving federal funds, while Cooper is charged with accepting and agreeing to accept bribes. Full Story

9. Sacramento: Russian Man Pleads Guilty to Participating in Identity Theft and Fraud Ring

Roman Karelov pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport goods obtained by fraud in connection with his participation in a scheme to defraud businesses in the U.S. by purchasing items with stolen identity information and sending the goods to confederates in Russia. Karelov is the second Russian citizen convicted in the case. Full Story (pdf)

10. New Haven: Six Charged as a Result of Operation Phony Pharm

Using several sophisticated techniques, Operation Phony Pharm has targeted web sites and individuals who are selling anabolic steroids. Operation Phony Pharm has focused on raw material manufacturers/suppliers, underground laboratories and numerous websites distributing materials. Operation Phony Pharm and Operation Raw Deal provide mutual assistance in their investigations. Full Story

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