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Five Ideas To Help Freshen Up Your Law Firm Marketing Online

Looking at refreshing your online law firm marketing?  Need some ideas as to what’s best?

According to Consultwebs’ consultant, Victoria Wilson, the following are five steps you might consider taking to provide a refreshed image for your law firm website.

Let’s see what Ms Wilson recommends:

Post Newsworthy Content.

While you could report on every event that occurs in your firm, it will benefit your practice if you endeavor to generate truly newsworthy events. Think creatively about ways you can make headlines. Could you donate iPads to an underfunded school? Or be the solution to a problem facing your community? Will your firm be instrumental in spreading awareness about an important issue? Make news happen for your firm and leverage opportunities to share the story to benefit your online marketing campaign.
    Create professional photos and videos.
The data are clear: Legal sites with high quality photographs of the firm’s attorneys and offices garner higher conversion rates. Have you ever invested in professional photography? Or has it been a while since your firm has updated its public image? Make it a springtime resolution for your practice to put its best face forward – literally. For a bit of inspiration, view the professionally filmed video from South Carolina personal injury lawyers Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins.
    Utilize Google Adwords.
Google Adwords has made several developments recently. Most notably, ad extensions now have a positive effect on Ad Rank. Ad Rank determines where your ad is displayed on the search results page. Ad extensions are features to boost your ad space, such as linking to your practice area pages or listing a phone number. By taking full advantage of these new changes, your firm will have a higher chance of ranking above competition.
    Mobilize your firm.
Local search made a huge splash in 2013. This spring, your firm’s local search success will go hand-in-hand with its mobile optimization. Note that 95% of mobile users have local intent and the majority of local searches result in some kind of action from the user. Resolve to analyze your firm’s mobile presence in the next few months. Then take steps to ensure that you have a winning strategy in place to reach prospective clients who find your website on their devices as opposed to their desktops.
    Employ live chat.
Conventional wisdom says that pop-up live chat boxes are a bother. Data are clear that live chat noticeably increases conversions. Contrary to common assumptions, most visitors to law firm sites appreciate the convenience of live chat and the immediate ability to voice their needs. If your site does not already benefit from a live chat service, consider making the switch this spring.

So there are five ideas from ConsultWebs on how to freshen up your site and generate more business.  Remember LawFuel is continually obtaining the very best in law firm marketing news, as well as developments across the law business.  Bookmark and share us.

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