Godwin Ronquillo Managing Shareholder Featured Among The ‘Extraordinary Minorities in Texas Law’

DALLAS – LawFuel.com – Law Firm Newswire – Marcos G. Ronquillo, Managing Shareholder and Chief Operating Officer of Dallas-based Godwin Ronquillo PC, is one of the “Extraordinary Minorities in Texas Law” featured in the Sept. 28, 2009, issue of Texas Lawyer.

As part of its focus on diversity, the newspaper selected 25 lawyers from across the state who best exemplify the unique and lasting impact minority attorneys have had in Texas. Selection to the list was the culmination of a six-month process that started with reader nominations. The newspaper received nearly 400 nominations, with the final selections based on extensive research by the editorial staff.

“I am deeply honored to have been selected by the leading legal publication in our state as one of the handful of minority attorneys who have had what they consider to be a profound impact on the Texas legal profession,” says Mr. Ronquillo. “Having people who believed in me made the difference early in my career, and I work hard to make sure to encourage others to provide those same types of opportunities to the next generation of leaders.”

His selection to the list, according to the newspaper’s profile of Mr. Ronquillo, was due in no small part to his commitment to giving back to the legal community. “Mentoring,” he is quoted as saying, “is ‘not a one-time thing,’ but rather a lifelong commitment.”

Indeed, as the article points out, it is rare to find an attorney who is not only a renowned trial lawyer but also a “community leader with a career’s worth of awards, honors, high-stakes cases and high-profile clients” who is willing to offer helpful advice on “everything from trial strategy to office management to rainmaking to networking.” The profile can be found online at http://www.law.com/jsp/tx/PubArticleTX.jsp?id=1202434126746.

Mr. Ronquillo began his career in 1979 as a civil rights attorney with the Dallas office of what was then called the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, before moving into private practice in 1983. At Godwin Ronquillo, he not only serves as managing shareholder, but also chairs the firm’s public law section.

“I am not sure the label of ‘extraordinary minority’ attorney is exactly appropriate in the case of Marcos. He is simply an extraordinary attorney and person,” says Donald E. Godwin, firm Chairman and CEO. “With his support and his innate ability to lead others, Marcos is someone who makes everyone around him want to excel, and then gives them the ability to do just that.”

Mr. Ronquillo has received numerous honors for his work in furthering diversity efforts at Godwin Ronquillo, as well as within the community. On Sept. 30, he was honored with the President’s Award from the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association. A former president of the DHBA and former Chairman of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ronquillo was honored among the 2009 top minority business leaders in Dallas/Fort Worth by the Dallas Business Journal.

Godwin Ronquillo PC is a Dallas-based trial and appellate firm that represents Fortune 500 and middle-market industry leaders in Mission Critical Litigation® throughout the United States.

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