Grays Inn Barrister in Sex Claim

Grays Inn is one of Britain’s most eminent Chambers, but according to a leading British law blog the Chambers “has gone into lockdown” after one of its members was fined for inappropriate sexual conduct.

Legal Cheek reports that one of its pupil supervisors was slapped with a £4,000 fine for engaging in “conduct of a sexual nature towards his pupil, which was wholly inappropriate”.

Scant details are known about what actually happened because the tribunal that disciplined David Giles sat in private. But the Bar Standard Board (BSB) has confirmed that Giles is a member of 1 Gray’s Inn Square, a multi-disciplinary set in London with over 50 barristers.


The blog reports that the Bar Tribunals & Adjudication Service’s finding against Giles was brief, confirming only that the barrister, who specialises in commercial and civil work, breached the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales by engaging in “conduct which was likely to bring the profession into disrepute”.

It adds that between 6 June-31 August 2012 Giles “engaged in conduct of sexual nature towards Miss X, his pupil, which was wholly inappropriate having regard to his position as her pupil supervisor”. The decision is listed as “open to appeal”.

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