Growing Criminal Defence Practice in Manukau Sees Further Demand for Criminal Lawyers

Growing Criminal Defence Practice in Manukau Sees Further Demand for Criminal Lawyers 3

The Public Defence Service is New Zealand’s largest criminal defence practice that has 150 lawyers working across the 10 PDS offices and new criminal law opportunities available provide a major opportunity for criminal lawyers.

The busiest, however, remains the Public Defence Service’s office in Manukau, serving the South Auckland area and as the office has grown so too has the demand for criminal lawyers to handle increased work in the area.

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The Public Defence Service assists clients at all stage of the criminal process, including providing legal advice and also handling trial, sentencing and any appeals that might occur.

The latest roles that are provided at the PDS, listed on the LawFuel law jobs network, include roles that are senior and principal lawyer positions at the Manukau office.

The principal lawyer role involves someone who can represent clients in more complex and serious criminal law charges, which provides a major opportunity for the lawyer with experience in this area to work in a busy and challenging environment with major career opportunities.

The role – unlike a legal team leader role at the Manukau PDS office – does not involve legal team management but rather an almost mentoring role where the expertise of the successful applicant will act as a mentor to others in the busy PDS office.

The opportunities provided by the Public Defence Service are some of the most interesting and challenging in the criminal law arena and those interested in working as criminal lawyers in the Manukau PDS should check the position at the LawFuel law jobs network.

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