I-TermPaper.com Hires ‘Online Librarian Who Will Advise I-TermPaper.com on Reference Materials Acquisitions

I-TermPaper.com has been working recently to increase the quality and quantity of reference works available to our writers. The next step is rationalizing the acquisition of new academic books. We welcome onboard an individual whose main job will be to keep track of new book issues and new products, and recommend purchases. He will act as I-TermPaper.com’s online librarian.

Anyone who has seen The Name of the Rose, the movie based on Umberto Eco’s novel, remembers that librarians occupied a higher status in the late medieval period than today. Do you remember the stern librarian’s fierce pride in his precious manuscripts, housed in the ill-fated monastery library? Their acquisition had reached across the known world, at great expense and risk. I-TermPaper.com lacks the scenic stone tower setting, but we cherish our research materials equally.
Today’s task of keeping track of new academic resources occurs on a huge scale. The number of books published yearly, and databases newly available, all pile up quickly. This has long since overwhelmed us here at I-TermPaper.com, and we are so relieved to have found a specialist to handle this mass of information.

Our new colleague will review newly issued academic and reference texts, and subscription databases. I-TermPaper.com management can then make much better-informed purchase decisions. This translates into our writers remaining even more consistently up-to-date in all fields, and being linked to the best of the years’ scholarly output.

I-TermPaper.com has been assiduous in improving our writers to the best in reference materials, and this is only the most recent step. You can learn more about I-TermPaper.com’s ongoing efforts to build our research capabilities at our website, http://i-termpaper.com.

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I-TermPaper.com has been working on all phases of our online writing business for some years now, aiming to improve the quality, responsiveness, and scope of our services. As a result, you can look to us for assistance with almost any topic or genre of writing project, from theses to oral presentations, from editing your draft text, to locating references and helping you build a bibliography.

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