Jack Ass Star Steve O Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possesion, But Will Stay on Jack Ass

July 10, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

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said that according to reports Steve O, whose real name is Stephen Glover made an appearance in court on Tuesday. The 34 year old Glover who became famous because of the dangerous stunts he is known for is required to give the court updates.

Glover was arrested and pleaded guilty to cocaine possession at a hearing in the beginning of June.

The Tuesday hearing his attorney gave a report to the court about Glover’s drug and alcohol addiction, this comes after his July 3 posting on his MySpace where he told fans he had checked back into a treatment facility. Tuesday he told the court during his appearance that he had checked back into a treatment facility on the suggestion of his psychiatrist.

He has also stated that he suffers from bipolar disorder and other mood disorders and also commented that he has done a lot of damage to his brain. After this report to the court he is due to reappear again in approximately two months to the court on his progress about his alcohol and drug addiction.

When questioned by reporters Glover’s attorney stated that he had been in a medical recovery hospital while Glover stated that he was in the loony bin jokingly. He did go on to say that he has this has helped him to decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. He also says that he can continue to host the MTV program Jackass including many of the stunts but that his main focus is staying away from alcohol and drugs.

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