How Law Firms Can Use Social Media Accounts For Effective Online Marketing

law marketing service and how lawyers should use social media for – The Law Firm Social Media Newswire – The question of how law firms can use social media accounts effectively is a common one for marketing firms.   What content should be posted by lawyers ontheir social media accounts? How can you gain greater traction with social media as it becomes ever-more important?


Apart from ensuring you have a photo shot of yourself, you need to get posting. For most firms, a mixture of both news about legal developments and personal ‘takes’ on that news, or your life and practice, are obvious ways in which to generate good levels of interest with blog posts that are finessed for maximum social media awareness.

Consider the huge range of potential topics that might fit the bill so far as posting issues are concerned:

– events, seminars or firm occasions you want to talk about
– recent cases, decisions or news relevant to your practice
– new staff or partners you’ve taken into the firm
– key events that impact you, your firm and – most important – your clients.

If you’re looking for post ideas that inspire you to write, use Google alerts with keywords focused on your practice areas. These will fire the latest stories into your inbox.

Similarly, monitor what your competitors or other bloggers are writing about. You can soon see what the most popular posts are and take a lead from them. If that is what people are reading – or wanting to read – then provide it for them.

And make your writing interesting. If you want to undertaken an esoteric study of the latest Supreme Court decision then fine, do so. But provide real value as often as you can with what you’re writing.

If you can post interesting, informative and often personalised content, you will build trust with your clients (and potential clients) as well as developing your own voice and providing a high level of engagement with your audience. People will trust you judgment on matters. They will actually want to hear your views on matters.

Write as much as you can with sincerity and by trying to genuinely inform your audience about your topic.

And use pictures when possible, which will create greater impact and interest – and also help with the social media ‘pickups’.

You can ‘spread’ your reach with your content by adding it to social media outlets like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. You need to be aware of ethics rules affecting what you can say and you will (or should) be aware of liability issues with what you write, but none of that should dissuade you from putting a face to your practice and writing interesting content.

With good valuable content you can also place it into the newswires, like LawFuel, or distribute it to journalists often hungry for good stories and good sources. Spreading the word of your firm through a newswire is one of the fastest ways in which to generate high level interest online.

If you’re interested in finding out how to handle your law firm marketing using press releases or a newswire law service like LawFuel, contact LawFuel at the author at [email protected] for details, or check the link here

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