Law Jobs Satisfaction Survey Announced By – How happy are lawyers?

New Zealand Legal Jobs Survey – – A survey of law firm solicitors in New Zealand, conducted by, will show the level of contentment staff lawyers have with their jobs, the legal jobs website announced today.

The survey, focused on larger law firms, asks staff lawyers to rate a number of factors relating to their work, ranging from pay and conditions to work interest and mentoring.

“The survey’s designed to guage the level of satisfaction younger lawyers experience in their firms,” LawFuel publisher John Bowie said. “While it’s not intended as a scientifically-based document it will nonetheless give a snapshot of how lawyers feel about their work in this highly competitive environment.”

Law firms are finding themselves increasingly in demand both from within New Zealand and overseas, particularly in burgeoning markets like the middle east, as well as from the more traditional legal markets Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States.

The survey form is conducted via the LawFuel jobs site at

Results of the solicitors’ satisfaction survey will be announced next month.

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