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Law-Whiz Now Bridging the Gap Between Legal Professionals in All Common Law-based Countries


Law-Whiz Pty Ltd (Law-Whiz) is pleased to announce that its unique cloud-based platform, designed to revolutionise the relationship between barristers, solicitors and corporate professionals, is now available in all common law-based countries.


Developed in Melbourne, Australia, Law-Whiz is a disruptive technology challenging traditional norms of conducting business in the legal industry. The platform now connects barristers with solicitors and corporate professionals instantly in all common law countries, improving work flow, revenue, and offering direct access to barristers (subject to local Bar Rules) by corporate in-house counsel, solicitors employed by government or other agencies, insurance companies, banks and corporate accounting firms. Law-Whiz now allows all these players to converge on the one platform.


With over 20 years’ experience in the legal profession, high-end commercial litigator, April Arslan created Law-Whiz with a vision to “make a difference” to the way legal and corporate professionals conduct business across all common law-based legal systems.


In commenting on Law-Whiz’s roll-out across common law-based countries, April Arslan said:


“After four years of development I am pleased to announce that Law-Whiz is now available in all common law-based countries. Australia, New Zealand, and UK were our first stage priorities in the platform roll-out, but we now also have members joining from South Africa and will then extend the roll-out to Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.


“Law-Whiz is not for litigation per se; rather it is a platform across all disciplines in law. For instance, seeking a specialised tax advice, property law advice, consumer law advice, or advice on commercial matters generally does not invoke the court attendances but nonetheless requires the specialty of an expert to speak to those issues sought.


With the additional enhancements, Law-Whiz aims to connect all corporate professionals with members of the bar (where applicable) to bridge the gap between these professionals who in the past, would have never crossed paths.”


About Law-Whiz

Law-Whiz is a unique platform custom-designed to instantly connect barristers   with solicitors and corporate professionals in all common law-based countries and improve the work flow and revenue of those working within these professions.

Traditionally, barristers look for cases by marketing themselves using outdated channels, while solicitors with active matters search for available barristers with the correct area of expertise by contacting numerous clerks and firms. Corporates such as insurance companies or accounting firms need to engage a solicitor in order to receive a barrister’s legal input on specialist advices and certain commercial matters.   

For the barrister, the solicitor and corporate professionals, this is an inefficient use of time and money.

Law-Whiz has been designed to solve this exhaustive use of resources and facilitate seamless business operations by bridging the gap between barristers, solicitors and corporate professionals including corporate in-house counsel, solicitors employed by government or other agencies, insurance companies, banks and corporate accounting firms (via direct access).


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