– Legal News and Legal Jobs – Malta’s Independent newspape… – Legal News and Legal Jobs – Malta’s Independent newspaper reports that Adriano Padula, who will be 73 in January, and who has been a senior magistrate in Cremona since 2003 and before that was a magistrate in Parma, has been transferred and has lost six months of his seniority after, among other things, a March 2002 holiday in Malta.

This disciplinary decision was taken by Italy’s highest body of justice, the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, following revelations linked to the Parmalat scandal.

It would seem that the magistrate was given free holidays, or at least very low-priced ones, by Parmatour, the tourism company owned by former Parmalat boss Callisto Tanzi.

Other trips included one to Tropea, another to Salsomaggiore and a trip to Budapest that was not taken up.

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