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LAWFUEL – Lawyer Newswire – Two New Zealand lawyers are among the nine New Zealanders to win prestigious William Georgetti Scholarships this year.

Toni Moyes, who is also one of this year’s Ethel Benjamin prizewinners, left New Zealand this month to study for an LLM at New York University law school.

After attending Otumoetai College in Tauranga, she studied at Canterbury University, graduating with an BA/LLB (Hons) in 2004 and then being admitted in 2005. Toni will be studying energy and climate change law and policy.

Vicki McCall attended Rangitoto College in Auckland. Following her graduation from Auckland University, she was admitted in 2006.

Vicki will attend Harvard University to study for an LLM in constitutional and administrative law.

The William Georgetti Scholarship is awarded to encourage postgraduate study and research in a field that, in the opinion of the scholarship board, is important to the social, cultural and economic development of New Zealand.

Administered by the New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee, the scholarships were established from the residue of the estate of William Georgetti who died in 1943. During his lifetime, he ran Crissoge Farm, near Hastings.

He believed that “whatever fluctuations there may be in prices for primary produce and in land values and whatever vicissitudes the said Dominion may pass through, farming land will always be the most stable asset in which to invest money”. In keeping with William Georgetti’s wishes, the trust still holds all 125.5ha of Crissoge Farm; currently leased as eight orchards. The rental income from the orchards, along with other investments, funds the scholarship.

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