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Indian ERP market sees high growth

ERP has changed the way businesses were conducted in India.( More and more organizations are implementing ERP solution. Integrated ERP solutions optimize resource utilization by providing up-to-the-minute information on demand for quick decision making.

Industries that successfully implement ERP can enjoy an overall cost reduction for business, an increase in per capita productivity, quick response times, lower inventory levels, and better customer orientation, all of which lead to higher customer satisfaction.

ERP implementation has also helped many organizations in India achieve great improvement in their management and operational control. ERP, which is much more than computer software, has changed functioning of the business environment in India and ERP solution is becoming indispensable in today’s business set up.

India’s economic growth, in terms with the country’s exposure to intense global competition, has demanded the necessity for the implementation of ERP; of course, certain operational, financial, and psychological resources are required to satisfy these needs. Earlier, the majority of ERP systems have been focused on larger establishments. It was due to the high cost involved in the implementation of ERP system.

Improve management and operational control

With the introduction of low-cost ERP systems such as eresource ERP the smaller organizations also started benefiting from the advantages of this enormous business solution.

As the Indian market seems to be very encouraging for ERP implementation, the organizations must pay attention to the time-frame deployment. The structured implementation programme can speed up system deployment and return on investment. (Read: eresource ERP’s On-Time Implementation).

Though there are many big companies yet to implement ERP system, it can be assumed that that they will go for it in a near future. That will surely lift the Indian ERP market growth rate somewhere near the industrial growth rate.

Automotive, Steel, Consumer Durables, Engineering and Manufacturing industries have shown a very high ERP penetration, which shows that these industries represent the greatest potential market in the coming days and we are optimistic that others will follow.

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