LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – For the Week Ending August 31, 2007 …

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –
For the Week Ending August 31, 2007

1. FBI Headquarters: Protecting Your Business Against Bomb Threats

As the result of several financial and commercial institutions throughout the U.S. receiving extortion bomb threats, the FBI has launched a public campaign on how to respond to a potential bomb threat. Full Story

2. San Antonio: Flip-for-Profit Scheme Ends in Guilty Plea

Firooz Deljavan, former owner and operator of Austin Realtors Network Inc., pleaded guilty to participating in a fraud and money laundering scheme that defrauded federally insured financial institutions and mortgage lenders of more than $15 million. His wife, Rosemary Rios, pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements in obtaining a real estate loan. Nineteen other individuals have been convicted and sentenced for their roles in this scheme while two remain as fugitives. Full Story

3. Houston: Former Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Sentenced

A former Jefferson County District Attorney, Wendell “Chip” Radford, Jr., received a 10-month sentence and was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $393,433.53 for his role in a complex mail fraud scheme. Radford was employed by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office at the time of his criminal activity. Full Story

4. New York: U.S. Army Captain Arrested for Accepting $50,000 Bribe

U.S. Army Captain Austin Key was arrested and charged with accepting a $50,000 bribe to steer military contracts in Iraq. This case was investigated by the National Procurement Fraud Task Force which was formed to promote the early detection, identification, prevention, and prosecution of procurement fraud. Full Story

5. Miami: Former Chairman of the Board Sentenced in Bank Fraud

Eduardo Orlansky, former chairman of the board of E.S. Bankest, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for bank fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy and to make restitution in the amount of $164,597,310.11. Nine people were criminally charged in this case which involved a loss in the amount of $164 million. Full Story

6. Portland: Four Sentenced in Massive Ponzi Scheme

Robert J. Skirving, Laurent Barnabe, Douglas Ferguson, and Rita Regale were sentenced for their involvement in promoting a $170 million fraudulent investment scheme. Evidence from around the world was hunted down during the eight-year investigation. Full Story

7. Minneapolis: Military Officer Arrested on Attempted Kidnapping Charges

A suspicious-looking man at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, later identified as Timothy J. Pentaleri, was approached by law enforcement officers. Pentaleri, a reserve military officer, had various weapons in his pockets. Information on his intended victim and condoms were found in his SUV along with items used for restraint. Full Story

8. San Antonio: Former Deputy Sheriff Indicted on Extortion Charges

Following receipt of several citizen complaints, an FBI undercover operation was initiated, involving agents posing as Mexican nationals traveling alone. Upon being stopped for an alleged traffic violation by Henry James, Jr., the agents would be told to pay a cash fine ranging from $120 to $300. James was indicted for extorting money while performing his official duties as a Deputy Sheriff for La Salle County. Full Story

9. Detroit: Doctor, Police Officer and Others Charged With Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs

Paul Emerson, D.O., David Dewitt (a police officer with the Flat Rock Police Department), and four other Detroit men were charged with illegal distribution of highly addictive prescription drugs. Two patients of Emerson died as a result of receiving these prescription drugs. Emerson also allowed non-medical personnel to write prescriptions for controlled substances. Full Story

10. Tampa: Two Students Indicted for Transporting Explosives

Two University of South Florida students were indicted by a federal grand jury in Tampa, Florida, for transporting explosives materials without permits. The two-count indictment charges Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed and Youssef Samir Megahed, both Egyptian nationals, with transporting explosives in interstate commerce without permits on or about Aug. 4, 2007 in the Middle District of Florida and elsewhere. Full Story

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