Loretta Lynch’s Hillary Clinton Conflict Problem

Is there a conflict of interest between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her willingness to commence a prosecution of Hillary Clinton over the Clinton email server?

Writing in WND.com, Jerome Corsi notes that there is little known about the fact that the Attorney General was a litigation partner in a Washington law firm that represented the Clintons.

Lynch was with the Washington-headquartered international law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP (now Hogan Lovells) from March 2002 through April 2010.

According to documents Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign made public in 2008, Hogan & Hartson’s New York-based partner Howard Topaz was the tax lawyer who filed income tax returns for Bill and Hillary Clinton beginning in 2004.

It was also Bill Clinton who first nominated Lynch for her terms at US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Corsi notes.  This being a positioni she held until she joined law firm Hogan & Hartson in 2002.

While there is no evidence that Lynch played a direct role either in the tax work done by the firm for the Clintons or in linking Hillary’s private email server to MX Logic, the ethics of the legal profession hold all partners jointly liable for the actions of other partners in a business.

“If Hogan and Hartson previously represented the Clintons on tax matters, it is incumbent upon U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to [disclose] what, if any, role she had in such tax matters,” said Tom Fitton, president of Washington-based Judicial Watch.

Hogan Lovells have been big Clinton supporters.  A report published April 8, 2008, by The American Lawyer noted that the firm were among Hillary Clinton’s biggest financial supporters in the legal industry during her first presidential campaign.

“Firm lawyers and staff have donated nearly $123,400 to her campaign so far, according to campaign contribution data from the Center for Responsive Politics,” Nate Raymond observed in The American Lawyer article. “Christine Varney, a partner in Hogan’s Washington, D.C., office, served as chief counsel to the Clinton-Gore Campaign in 1992.”

Whatever the outcome of any FBI prosecution of Hillary Clinton, the conflict issue is one that will hardly add lustre to the Clintons’ record of cronyism and both Big Business and Big Law patronage.

Source: WND.com


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