Mastersound Launches New Website for Classic DVD’s

Mastersound, a retailer for classic DVD’s has launched its new portal. Announcing the launch of the portal Mr. Mal Jefferson, the CEO of the company said that this initiative of the company will help customers across the globe to get DVD’s which are not available at the music stores. The website brings Classic football DVDs right to the doorsteps of the customers. What drove Mastersound to launch this new website is the tremendous response that it was getting from customers for Classic DVD’s such as The Beatles or George Formby. Mr. Jefferson said that that the site has been designed focusing ease of use and security of the customer’s data. Fans can also get classic football posters and legendary music bands of the yesteryears.

When asked by Journalists and critics about the management of the supply chain Mr. Jefferson mentioned that the company has tied up with companies which have exclusive rights to these releases. As a result Mastersound will always have adequate stock of the DVD’s. He also mentioned that because of the tie-ups the price that will be offered to customers will be quite cheaper than what a customer would have to pay otherwise. The delivery will be done within agreed timelines by a delivery agency of repute. As a result failing on delivery will be almost nil
except in the case of situations beyond control. There are various payment options through which customers can make payments.

Speaking on the design of the site, he mentioned that the site has been well thought of and all the special DVD’s are shown on the homepage. There are different product categories which have exclusive DVD’s from the BBC, the Beatles, and Biographies of legendary artists such as Gracie Fields, George Formby, Ivor Novello and others. This section will allow site visitors to browse through the collection and make their choices. There is also a “special” section and a “new products” section where visitors can find some of the best classic DVD’s that they need. Mr. Jefferson mentioned that this site stands apart from other web portals selling DVD’s because it is only focused on Classic items which are hard to get from the market.

Mr. Jefferson also mentioned that the company has made substantial investments on the development of the site which he says will be recovered with 2 to 3 quarters of the business becoming fully operational. When asked about the business model, he said that the company has a well thought out revenue stream which will ensure profits within 3 quarters. The company has been funded in-house and will not look at venture funding in the near future. However, within the next 2 years the company may approach individuals or funds to raise capital. In a post lunch tête-à-tête with journalists Mr. Jefferson was seen explaining the ground rules of the business and his passion for The Beatles, George Formby and Classic football DVDs. He mentioned that he has taken his passion to business and hopes that it will be success. The press meet closed of with a cocktail party for the journalists.

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