The New Plot Line in “Making a Murderer”

Making a Murderer tv series

“Making a Murderer” just got more intense with a new plot line.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner, who represents the documentary’s subject, Steven Avery, says tests have already been conducted that “conclusively establish his innocence” in yet another twist in the “Making a Murder” mystery.

But not just yet . . this is tense drama, after all . . she will reveal her theory on the real killer once she has  the results of new tests she’s planning to conduct.

Ms Zellner has already filed a motion that accuses investigators of framing Avery and seeking physical evidence that she can then have scientifically examined using techniques unavailable when her client was convicted of murder in 2007.


The attorney, Kathleen Zellner, also reveals in the motion that “Mr. Avery has already completed a series of tests that will conclusively establish his innocence” and that she’ll reveal her theory on the identity of the real killer once she has the results of the new tests she intends to conduct.

Newsweek reported:  “Mr. Avery is requesting, and is willing to pay for, the most comprehensive, thorough, and advanced forensic testing ever requested by a criminal defendant in the State of Wisconsin,” Zellner says in her “Motion for Post-Conviction Scientific Testing.” (Click here to read the motion.)

The new motion’s biggest bombshell is a Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department report that documents the seizure of the murder victim’s car on November 3, 2005, two days before it was officially found.

“That was a huge discovery because the car doesn’t appear on the Avery property until November 5,” Zellner tells Newsweek. “It’s a problem when some of [the investigators] are planting evidence and others are honestly doing their job and documenting their malfeasance.”

What Does the Motion Seek?

Zellner’s 45-page motion requests that the evidence to be tested should include the hood latch on Halbach’s RAV4 (pictured) as well as the vehicle key found in Avery’s trailer.


She has also requested fingerprints from Andrew Colborn and James Lenk, the two Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department deputies who have long been suspected of planting evidence to frame Avery.

She also contends that two individuals who were not law enforcement personnel went onto the Avery property when it was closed to the public during the investigation, and lied when they were interviewed by police.

“The victim’s blinker light was displaced sometime during the sequence of events of either the crime or the transport of the victim’s car onto Mr. Avery’s property,” the motion states. “The blinker light was picked up and placed in the rear cargo area of the victim’s car by the perpetrator or the individual who moved the car onto the Avery property.”

And so the legal drama continues . . for a lot longer yet.

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