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NEW YORK– LAWFUEL – Law News Network –In an ongoing investigation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified over 60 properties containing arsenic in soil that posed an immediate health threat to people in South Minneapolis, MN. In response, law firm Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. reaffirms its ongoing dedication to hold polluters responsible for the hazards they wreak on our communities.

The firm has a long history of exposing polluters and championing the people’s right to know about hidden dangers in their area. This even includes situations where the contamination took place long ago, or where victims had all but assumed there was insufficient scientific evidence to bring forth a fight for justice. In nearby Wisconsin, Weitz & Luxenberg has filed an MTBE pollution case on behalf of residential families (#06-C-iv-03754). The firm is litigating a case on arsenic contamination for property owners in Florida (#04-CA-002576, Division B).

The Minneapolis areas affected by arsenic, which is extremely toxic to humans, include East Phillips and parts of Corcoran, Powderhorn Park, Seward and Longfellow. Collectively, they are now known as the South Minneapolis Residential Soil Contamination site. Those neighborhoods are located in close proximity to a former industrial area known as the CMC Heartland Lite Yard, which was leased by companies that produced or stored arsenic. The CMC Heartland site was cleaned up, though surrounding residential neighborhoods are now at risk as they are just downwind of where the toxic dust blew from the factories.

Of the contamination, Robin Greenwald, Head of the firm’s Environmental Toxic Torts Unit said, “Citizens should not have to feel unsafe in their own homes. When companies mishandle chemicals that migrate near people’s homes and imperil their health, those companies should have to pay for the injuries and damage to property their unlawful conduct causes.”

According to the EPA, the residential properties whose soil is contaminated “are not contained and pose a threat to area residents, workers and students.”

About Weitz & Luxenberg:

Weitz & Luxenberg, founded in 1986, is one of the leading plaintiffs, mass torts, product liability, and personal injury litigation law firms in America. A forerunner in the legal fight against environmental polluters, Weitz & Luxenberg has worked with clients harmed by MTBE, asbestos, chromium, fluoride, lead, PCE and other toxins. Weitz & Luxenberg represent over 50 water providers whose wells have been contaminated with MTBE and several communities around the country for the personal injuries and property damage they have suffered as a result of pollution. The firm has played leading roles in national and local litigations involving asbestos, DES, silicone breast implants, medical malpractice, and general negligence, among others. The firm has won numerous cases involving dangerous pharmaceuticals, including Vioxx, achieving a $13.5 million verdict against Merck & Co. (docket No. ATLL129605).

People who have been injured by environmental pollutants can contact Weitz & Luxenberg. Interested parties should call the Client Relations department at 1 (800) 476-6070 or via e-mail by writing to [email protected] You may also visit our website at

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