Obama and the NDAA – Did Obama Trump the Republicans?

Lawfuel.com – The National Defense Administration Act (NDAA) is legislation that effectively funds the US Defense Department. It is also potentially suspends the constitutional rights of US citizens in specific circumstances, namely if they are involved in certain activities relating to terrorism and simlar, a provision that the President refuses to endorse.

President Obama, a former constitutional law lecturer said he would veto the bill, however he has signed it in Hawaii, where he is vacationing, but the upshot appears to be that the controversial provisions are in fact unconstitutional.

For instance, the provisions would offend the provisions of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments to the Constitution. There are many good things about the Bill, such as those dealing with sexual harassment in the military, business dealings with Iran and the like, but the President’s objection to its provisions relating to constitutional issues affecting US citizens may have seen the former law lecturer trump his Republican opponents on this occasion.

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