‘Red Tea Detox’ Book: The Life-Changing Event That Lead to A New Diet Revolution

Liz Swann Miller, the noted naturopath and nutritional author, recount5s a life changing event that occurred in Africa, which lead to the development of her popular, new ‘Red Tea Detox’ book.

The development of the book resulted from an incident affecting the author in Africa, which almost cost her her life and lead to the red tea diet revolution that has captivated thousand seeking to both lose fat and become more healthy.

'Red Tea Detox' Book: The Life-Changing Event That Lead to A New Diet Revolution 3Liz had already established her reputation as a rewnowned naturopath and nutritional author when she had her life-changing event in Africa.

Bitten by the snake she was attended to be local tribal members, including a Tribal Shaman who provided her a drink that saw her recover from what could have been a fatal incident.

But she also found something else from the red tea-based drink she was given on that day.   She also found that she was more energized than she had been in years, as well as not feeling the same hunger pangs and any sort of depression, either.

She had experienced some out-of-control weight gain of late and had little energy.  She made it her task to find out more about the Red Tea potion she was given.

She was losing fat fast and was amazed by what health benefits the tea provided.

There was no doubt in her mind that she must put this Liz’s book, “The Red Tea Detox”, is jam-packed with information so that anybody can easily go
shopping locally and round-up all of the ingredients needed to make their own Red Tea Detox

Red Tox diet reviews are consistently favorable. Reader testimonials have been phenomenal. take a look at what Ron A., a 32 year old Computer Programmer from Miami, Florida had to say, “I never felt hungry while drinking this tasty tea. I lost 16 pounds of fat without much effort. I lost all the weight I wanted and I never felt deprived

About The Author:
'Red Tea Detox' Book: The Life-Changing Event That Lead to A New Diet Revolution 4Elizabeth Swann Miller, ND, has over 10 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath, specializing in healing through nutrition. She has degrees both in Psychology and Naturopathy. Her
goal is to educate as many people as possible about the healing powers of food and how to easilyincorporate these changes into daily life.
For complete information, please visit: http://redteadetox.com

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