Ron Paul Campaign To Influence Future of Republican Party

LawFuel – The Ron Paul campaign is now intend on shaping the future of the Republican Party with the election of national election delegates.

The campaign’s Maine coordinator Ken Lindell wrote to supporters:

“The presidential preference polls at the Maine Republican Caucuses on Feb 1st, 2nd and 3rd were an indicator of grass roots support, but have no impact on the selection of delegates to the State GOP convention. Our campaign actually did better than McCain in electing delegates. Those delegates will elect delegates to the Republican National Convention at the state convention on May 2nd and 3rd.

“Our task now is to spread Ron Paul’s message by electing national convention delegates. We now have two months to organize our effort to accomplish this task. Here are some details of what we are doing:

“State Convention Delegates
Stavros Mendros has remained on staff to assist with organizing our delegates. If you are a precinct leader and have a list of Paul delegates selected at your municipal caucus (even if it is just you) please e-mail their names and town to [email protected] . If you are a delegate, but don’t have a Ron Paul precinct leader in your town, please do the same.

“Delegate fees are due to the Maine Republican Party no later than March 27th. The fee is $25 and pays for the cost of attending the convention, both delegates and alternates must pay the fee to attend the convention. Some GOP town and city committees are asking for checks from individuals sooner. Please cooperate if you can. If you cannot pay the fee, please email [email protected] with your name and town. We have already paid the Maine GOP for delegate fees from the campaign, but there is still some unallocated money available.

“Stay in touch with your local meetup groups. These groups are now for delegate organization and should be limited to volunteers and delegates.
If you are not a delegate, but would like to be one, please e-mail [email protected] . There is still an opportunity to fill some delegate slots by March 20th.”

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