Ron Paul Does Not Dance Around Issues – The Ron Paul Campaign

LAWFUEL – By Michael Kraft – CCN – No more parties, no more interest groups and no more Americans with a “hyphen”. All Americans have America in common and thusly we need to have a single answer to any question that serves all Americans and never divides us.

In the Wake of the Democratic Pander festival for hispanics, and I am sure many pandering moves by Republicans as well, we now present a display of cutting through the division with one America answers.

Ron Paul does not dance around the issues of special interest groups or pander like we saw on Univision by the Democrats. See how he gives the one answer we all know in our hearts is the truth.

We must all agree that no question should be answered “for a group” and all answers should serve all Americans equally.

Hyphens only divide and weaken America, Ron Paul never answers a question for a race or group but responds to every answer with a single solution that ignores race and helps all Americans it would reach.

This is truly the only video you ever need to see of Ron Paul to see everything worth loving about this candidate for president.

I see no pander, no need to impress only a need to serve his country and nobody else.’

I have long been a fan of Ron Paul, but please take the time to watch this coverage and see how he alone gives the answers that are to seek truth and not to pander.

This is the last video you will ever need to watch before choosing who to support.

“I like to think that if we have a freer society it will take care of blacks and white sand everyone equally.”

“I think if you’re going to have prosperity it’s going to benefit everybody.”

“The free society is the only society that can provide goods and services and provide the fairest distribution of it.”

“I have a bill in that would help everybody, black or white or whatever. They would not have to pay taxes or payroll”

“I would not sign a bill like you describe because it would be construed as amnesty and I will not sign amnesty. “

“I see our immigration as a problem of our welfare state, the welfare state that encourages Americans not to work and rewards illegal immigrants that comes here. But the welfare that we offer the people that come they get free welfare free medication, they bankrupt our hospitals….”

“You can’t solve this problem till you get rid of the welfare state because in a healthy economy immigrants can’t hurt us….they have been scapegoat because of the weak economy.”

“We need to repeal the whole war on drugs it isn’t working.”

This is why Ron Paul has excited alot of people, and why I have gone from a supporter to a true fan in awe of his ability to serve only the constitution. This desire to only serve one America is why he has lobbyists, corporations and special interests scared to death of losing their influence on a Washington that has long been “for sale”.

Just watch this one video, and agree on his sincerity and integrity, if nothing else.

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