SAN DIEGO, June 7, 2006 – LAWFUEL – Press Release Service – Fort W…

SAN DIEGO, June 7, 2006 – LAWFUEL – Press Release Service – Fort Worth, TX-based Avail Medical Products, Inc., has been ordered to pay $1 million in damages to for refusing to pay for services performed on their behalf. A quick verdict was reached following a two-week jury trial in San Diego Superior Court.
(San Diego Superior Court Case Number GIS 17251, the Hon.
Judge Williams S. Cannon presiding.)

Avail Medical Products claims to be the world’s largest and most trusted outsource developer and manufacturer of finished, disposable medical devices and names the top 10 global medical products manufacturers, as well as many smaller companies, as customers. is a California company, internationally recognized by companies all over the world for its ability to reduce costs and increase profits by assisting in setting up offshore manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Asia and elsewhere. Jeffrey Madison, president of is credited with creating the largest web portal promoting Mexico’s maquiladora industry (NAFTA) back in 1995. Madison is considered an expert on Mexico’s manufacturing programs, laws and culture and has assisted hundreds of U.S. and foreign manufacturers with their Mexico manufacturing business requirements.

After the verdict, Madison said that the services performed on behalf of Avail are projected to generate in excess of $40 million of additional future sales for Avail, and the $1 million verdict represents only a fraction of the additional profits Avail is expected to earn as a result of his work. was represented by Los Angeles attorney Chad Biggins and Michael Newlee, a trial lawyer based in San Diego, CA.

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