Social Media and Law Firms – Law Firm Social Media Program Offered by Social Media Agency Maximize Social Media LLC

Social media agency Maximize Social Media LLC announced its social media program for law firms today, expanding the company’s verticals to include the legal community after a successful test case. Maximize’s CEO is an attorney, providing necessary experience in understanding how to best position a law firm in the social media arena.

Social media management firm Maximize Social Media LLC announced its law firm social media program today, providing necessary support for the legal community interested in expanding its marketing into social media. The company currently serves over 40 industries and added the legal community to its verticals after a successful trail with a personal injury law firm.

Chris McLaughlin, CEO of Maximize Social Media LLC, has a unique perspective with law firm social media because he is also an attorney. McLaughlin is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Law Center and member in good standing with the Florida Bar Association. “All too often a law firms’ advertising doesn’t truly connect with a potential customer. Social media allows a law firm to add a more human element to its advertising,” said McLaughlin.

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Maximize currently serves over 40 different industries including other professionals such as dentists, Lasik surgeons, insurance executives and car dealers. The firm added law firms to its verticals after successfully growing a personal injury law firms’ Facebook Timeline to over 8,000 fans, all of whom were within the geographic area serviced by the firm. “Our client was very pleased with the results; not only did we grow their fan base but we were also successful in increasing the engagement on the Facebook page,” McLaughlin noted.

Mike McLaughlin, President of Maximize Social Media, also has a background in law; he attended the New York University Law School. But his interest in marketing legal services came from his positions outside of the classroom: he was the Coordinating Producer of Judge Mills Lane, a nationally syndicated show, and the Legal Producer for former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and TMZ’s Harvey Levin on the re-launch of The People’s Court.

“My time at Judge Mills Lane and the People’s Court opened by eyes to the fact that at its core a legal dispute is a human dispute – and the stories that go along with it are fascinating,” Mike McLaughlin noted. “Social media is an extension of what I’ve already been involved with but with greater feedback and interaction from the audience,” he noted.

Maximize provides full design, layout, engagement and advertising for a law firm’s Facebook Timeline. The social media agency also provides full management services for Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

Law firms interested in obtaining more information with Maximize are invited to contact Maximize Social Media for a no obligation consultation.

About Maximize Social Media LLC

Maximize Social Media ( is a leading provider of social media management services for clients in over 40 different verticals. With offices in Florida and Los Angeles, Maximize provides social media consulting and Facebook advertising management for clients in English speaking countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia. The company also features social media management outsourcing for busy social media mangers looking for additional assistance on a white label basis.

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