Staff Gets Fitness Makeover Counseling From Professional Dieticians

Whether writer, editor, IT wizard, or customer support angel, all staff at work hard for our customers. They labor under pressures that confound even the simplest of healthy choices. To help us prevent health problems down the line, management is asking for help from some dietetic professionals. With their help, we hope to pump up the level of fitness, and lower the numbers on the scales for all the staff.

Seated at a computer, tied to a desk, while the deadline clock ticks down, and working from ten screen windows at once; this is life at Yes, our staff is dedicated, but the strain shows itself in enlarging ways. College is known for putting on the ‘freshman ten’; management would like to avoid the ‘first year five’!

In an effort to avert this problem, professional dieticians will hold seminars to train employees in the most innovative approaches to fitness. If certain foods rich in anti-oxidants can sharpen mental acuteness – we need to know. If timing a meal can decrease the post-prandial crash – that constitutes pure productivity gold. If a meditative, or physical, exercise can free the mind of stress and distraction – employees can use it!

We have made extensive efforts previously to improve and safeguard employee health. You can read more at the website, We also list our services and prices there.

About Us:

The well-being of our employees is paramount to They are our only asset, apart from some computers. If they glow with health, this propels their writing on behalf of our customers. Our clients depend on us for caring and enthusiastic help with all sorts of writing projects.

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