Meet the New Supreme Court Clerk

supreme court clerkHe’s affable, capable and dresses like someone from Downton Abbey.  H e’s also the new clerk of the court at the Supreme Court, following the retirement of William Suter.

Unlike those law clerks who spend a year assisting individual justices, the clerk of the court is a permanent officer of the institution who manages its docket and deals with lawyers filing and arguing cases, the WSJ Law Blog reports.

Along with the court’s marshal and attorneys from the U.S. solicitor general’s office, the clerk attends court attired in a morning coat, a long-tailed garment familiar to viewers of the British television serial, “Downton Abbey,” shown in the U.S. on PBS-TV.

Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. said in the press release that  Harris “brings pertinent experience and proven judgment to his new position. I am confident that he will continue the tradition established established by our past clerks of professionalism and dedicated service to the bench and bar.”

The Legal Times blog reported that Harris has been at the court for 11 years, a low-profile but important position at the court. As the high court’s in-house counsel, he has been involved in a range of legal issues, including routine litigation and disputes over protests on court property. The legal counsel also provides support on “a variety of case-related issues.”

Well liked, the Legal Times blog reported that Harris

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