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TALLAHASSEE – LAWFUEL – Press Release Service – Florida’s innovative website that lets citizens comparison shop for the lowest prescription drug prices today marks its one year anniversary, Attorney General Charlie Crist announced. More than 220,000 internet users seeking the best price for medication have visited www.MyFloridaRx.com since it was unveiled last June. Some 543 internet users visited MyFloridaRx.com yesterday, bringing the total number of visitors since the website was launched on June 1, 2005, to 220,832.

With a few simple clicks at the website, internet users can determine the price for most common medications at pharmacies close to their homes.
The searchable database, which is the only such tool updated monthly to help Floridians find affordable medications, provides pricing information from competing retailers for the 50 most commonly used prescription drugs in Florida, as well as generic equivalents when available.

Since it was launched after a year of development by the Attorney General’s Office and the Agency for Health Care Administration, the sophisticated website has attracted an average of more than 4,200 visitors per week.

“Holding down the cost of health care is one of the greatest challenges facing Floridians, especially those living on a fixed income,”
said Crist. “This valuable tool is literally just what the doctor ordered.”

Before the www.MyFloridaRx.com site was introduced, Floridians had no way to conveniently determine the current price of most common prescription medications at local pharmacies. The website allows consumers to compare prices for prescription drugs charged by pharmacies in their city, and even within their individual zip code. The price search and other information is available in both English and Spanish, and the results can be easily viewed so consumers can review all prices at their convenience. It is designed to assist consumers of all age groups.

Prices on the website are updated regularly to reflect what an uninsured consumer, with no discount or supplemental plan, would normally pay. Because the information on the website is based on data provided to the state by the pharmacies themselves, prices shown on the website are not guaranteed and may change daily.

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