Technical Writers Sue UGS Corp. for Unpaid Overtime in Class Action …

Technical Writers Sue UGS Corp. for Unpaid Overtime in Class Action

SAN FRANCISCO–LAWFUEL – Law Firm Newswire – Law firm Schubert & Reed LLP is making the announcement that a multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against UGS Corporation, a division of Siemens AG (NYSE:SI), accusing the company of cheating its workers out of pay for overtime worked and meal and rest breaks.

UGS is a computer software company specializing in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. In 2007, UGS was purchased by Siemens AG.

The lawsuit, filed by Schubert & Reed LLP, of San Francisco, CA, charges that UGS unlawfully classifies its technical writers as exempt from California labor law compensation requirements. Schubert & Reed partner Robert Schubert stated that, because of UGS’s alleged practice of misclassifying its workers as exempt from the wage and hour laws, “UGS technical writers put in long hours and helped UGS bring in over a billion in revenues last year, but they were not compensated for those long hours.”

Schubert explained, “Workers are entitled to overtime pay unless they fall under a specific legal exemption, such as computer programmers who develop software. The plaintiff and class members in this lawsuit are technical writers, who are specifically excluded from California’s computer programmers exemption. Not only do they not qualify for the computer programmer exemption, but they do not qualify for any other exemption under California’s wage and hour laws. Last year, UGS had revenues of more than $1 billion. UGS’s technical writers deserve to be paid for their efforts to make UGS successful.”

The lawsuit seeks back wages for unpaid overtime, plus punitive damages and interest. In addition, the suit seeks compensation in the amount of one hour’s pay for each day that the workers were not provided a meal break and an additional hour’s pay for each day that the workers were not provided a rest break, as well as interest and penalties owed.


According to Schubert, in addition to UGS’s employees, there are many thousands of additional technical writers working for other California employers who are improperly classifying these employees as exempt. This landmark litigation against UGS marks only the tip of the iceberg.

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