The legal battle between Larry Birkhead and his former attorney Debra …

The legal battle between Larry Birkhead and his former attorney Debra Opri reveal an increasingly unpleasant legal war, according to website

In Birkhead’s legal filings, he claims that Opri, over the course of several years, has “made unsecured loans to a friend of hers named John Wu” totaling roughly $200,000. According to the filing, “Mr. Wu had never repaid any portion of the $200,000, yet she had continued to loan him money on 4 or 5 occasions over the years because of their close friendship.”

TMZ reports that John Wu recently pleaded guilty to Federal charges of conspiracy to import missile systems designed to destroy aircraft.

For her part, Opri submitted, among other items, a declaration of bodyguard Mark Speer, who alleges he heard Larry discuss billing with Opri. Speer also says he was present when Birkhead and Opri talked about the $1 million he was to be paid for a TV interview. Speer says Birkhead was totally aware that the cash was going to be deposited in Opri’s client trust account. According to Speer, “Larry clearly understood that this money was going to pay some or all of his current legal bills relating to his case with Debra.” Birkhead claims this is not so — and Opri’s own highly detailed bill proves that. He says there was never an indication that Speer, Opri and Birkhead ever were present in the same room with one anot

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