The New Dating App For Lonely Lawyers – The Legal Profession’s Dating App Designed To Minimize Time and Maximize Dating Success

Lawyers looking for love can be a brief too far for many overworked, stressed legal professionals, but a London legal entrepreneur has developed a dating app for lawyers-use-only – hoping to change the lawyer dating game for good.

Release over a week ago, the new Lawyr app has already proven a success based on the legal professionals who have started uploading and using it.

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matthew rhodes
Matthew Rhodes

Founded by Matthew Rhodes — who practised at the City law firm Ashurst before setting up law blog Roll on Friday, Rhodes designed the app with his co-developer James Dennister as something for any lawyer looking for love.

(We reporting the dating foibles for lawyers some years ago and it seems that the lawyers-not-in-love continues to be a central issue for the overworked profession).

The Lawyr app’s one basic rule is that members must either work in the legal profession or want to meet someone who does.

Rhodes, who used to work in litigation, told The Times that Lawyr is ‘full of extremely eligible people who will benefit from an app which highlights their profession to everyone else, not just lawyers.

‘”Lawyer” is a shorthand for intelligence, security, attention to detail and a sense of justice — all good qualities in a partner.

‘More than most, lawyers will benefit from a dating app doing the heavy lifting as they’re busy getting whipped by a banker to complete the latest deal before 3am.’ he said.

Users for the legal dating app can sign up for free by providing key information such as their gender, location and who they are looking to meet before proceeding to filter, Tinder-like, the matches based on the various criteria, including their field of legal practice. 

Like many other dating apps, users who have ‘matched’ by choosing each other can then make contact using the app’s chat function.   

The New Dating App For Lonely Lawyers - The Legal Profession's Dating App Designed To Minimize Time and Maximize Dating Success 9

The app has already been ‘inundated’ by new members in London, Houston, Minsk and Sydney, according to reports. 

It is free to sign up to the app but for £5.99 a month members can get extra benefits including seeing who ‘likes’ and views their profile. 

James Dennison explained the process for the Lawyr app’s operation – “The main rule of the app is that users must either work in the legal profession or want to meet someone who does. For example, legal types can be the same as other legal persons or with persons outside the sector. The only limitation is that half of the game must take place in the legal profession so that non-lawyers cannot search for other non-lawyers. “

Writing on a RollOnFriday post, lawyers were quick to praise the idea, with one writing: ‘I think this is brilliant. The fact is that lawyers like to date other lawyers, and there’ll also be a load of non lawyers out there more than happy to meet up with extremely wealthy, highly educated people.’

Another posted: ‘My abs can’t compete on other dating apps like Hinge and Bumble, so this has got to be worth a go…’

A third added: ‘Great idea (non-sarcastic).’ 

However it appears not everyone in the legal community is convinced by lawyr. 

One critic took to Twitter to ask if it was a ‘joke’, while another RollOnFriday user wrote: ‘Absolutely tragic.’ 

Whatever the response, it appears that the Lawyr app will at least help provide a satisfactory lawyer dating solution based on the one thing lawyers are always up against – time.

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