The No Think Diet Review – Is The Diet REALLY A No-Brainer?


The No Think Diet Review - Is The Diet REALLY A No-Brainer? 3Susie Whitney’s BurnFatBlog has reviewed the latest diet ‘fad’ to enter the online market, the No Think Diet from Dr Charles Livingston and asked the question whether the new online diet was really a “no brainer” or some new diet scam.

The review looked at the diet essentials required by Susie’s key criteria of (a) effectiveness, (b) safety and (c) value.

The No Think Diet Review - Is The Diet REALLY A No-Brainer? 4Is the diet something likely to rival diets like The Mediterranean Diet and others, including various fad diets that occur online regularly.

“The real questions to be answered in my view is whether this diet works, but more importantly does it work in a way that is readily achievable and sustainable for those seeking to lose weight,” says Susie.

Susie Whitney explains in her blog regularly that to achieve long term weight loss requires a combination of
proper eating habits and good nutrition with an exercise program suited to the individual seeking to lose weight.

The NoThinkDiet combines the nutrition aspect with the exercise to focus on long term weight loss solutions and to that extent it achieves a four star rating from the blogging diet writer and young mom.

Achieving success in dieting is much more than having some faddish focus on a new technique or food combination.  Rather, it is a rigorous application of good nutrition and exercise, says Susie Whitney.

Her BurnFatPlan blog looks at the No Think Diet in a way that will let those serious about losing weight and shedding fat to benefit, along with her own weight loss tips.

Check the NoThinkDiet review at this link.

About BurnFatPlan – BurnFatPlan was set up by Susie Whitney who was heavily overweight and later heavily pregnant, driving her to achieve sustainable and safe weight loss by employing sensible techniques to lose weight and burn fat.

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