How To Use Google Flights For Cheap Travel 2

How To Use Google Flights For Cheap Travel

We all want cheap air tickets, but now there’s a powerful new ally whose ridden to our rescuse – none other than our good friend Google.

As Men’s Journal report:

Travel booking sites like Kayak, Orbitz, and Hotwire share the same data with little more than bright logos and William Shatner commercials to stand out. Google’s Flights tool has stood in the shadow of these online travel leaders, but new and updated features could help Flights surpass them all. Beyond finding the cheapest flights, it now also shows year-round price changes, money-saving destination swaps, and potential travel delays.

Pick Your Destination
If you want to travel, but aren’t sure about the destination, you can enter your location and Google Flights will give you the best price for popular domestic and international destinations. The tool gathers flights that aren’t at peak price based on the dates you want to travel. And the map also automatically shows the lowest price of any given destination, if you want to forgo the popular suggestions.

Determine When to Travel for Less
After you select your dates and your destination, Flights now shows you the price you’re paying in comparison to high and low prices tracked for that airport throughout the year. It also offers cheap days to travel, so you can decide if it’s worth losing one day on the slopes or beach to fly for less.

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