Virginia Tech Shooting : Will Gun Control Laws Change? – As the Virginia Tech shooting puts schools into lockdown and resurrects the previous shooting horror at Virginia Tech and other schools, there will be renewed focus upon the gun violence issue and whether there might be some response from Congress in terms of gun control law.

The answer is likely to be ‘no’, given previous history, where tragedies like Virginia Tech’s and Columbine High School are followed by the usual debate on gun safety and gun owners’ rights.

The last significant federal gun law in the United States was the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, passed five years before the Columbine shootings.

A previous bill proposed to Congress would have subjected handguns to the same restrictions as machine guns died before the Congress adjourned.

The current Virginia Tech shooting is unlikely to see any Congressional changes to gun control laws, just as other events have failed to secure changes.

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