Vlogging Junior Lawyer’s Tips for Lawyers Receives Mixed Reviews

Vlogging Junior Lawyer's Tips for Lawyers Receives Mixed Reviews 3A video-blogging (“vlogging”) lawyer providing tips for other juniors seeking to improve their chances of scoring a decent legal job has received a variety of oft-censored comments on the law blog speaking to the centre piece of the vlogging enterprise, Christie Wolfe.

The article in Legal Cheek spoke to Wolfe, who works for person injury firm Irwin Mitchell, dispenses tips via her YouTube channel to those who require such assistance – whose numbers remain moderate, as the Channel has circa 324 subscribers, but remains available dispense wide ranging tips on everything from time management to appearance.

English Conversation About Law
English Conversation About Law

She also records weekend activities, such as visiting an exotic car show.

In the tips on job interviews, she recommends taking a cautious approach as to what you wear, research your potential employer and potential questions so you’re not caught out and adopt a professional attitude throughout the interview process.

The reaction to the videos and ‘Cheek’ article were not altogether laudatory, noting the “nonsense” and “Looking forward to her Ambulance Chasing 101 course.”

Handling personal injury claims from those who have obtaining cosmetic surgery overseas, she originally studied to become a vet before deciding the law was more for her and landing her job with Irwin Mitchell.

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Vlogging Junior Lawyer's Tips for Lawyers Receives Mixed Reviews 4

Vlogging from younger lawyers is nothing new but less popular at this point in the UK than the United States.  Among those who appear on YouTube include in the UK lawyers, such as Rosie Watterson of Herbert Smith, who runs her Apply.Shine.Win site on winning training contracts.  One of the largest young-lawyer-run vlogs however is Vancouver-based  lawyer Elle Florence who vlogs on fashion issues with her channel carrying over 65,000 subscribers.

A full list of the legal blogs in the UK can be seen here.

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