We Know Nothing . . Lawyer ‘Mr P’ Retains Anonymity Over Offensive Behaviour . .

We Know Nothing . . Lawyer 'Mr P' Retains Anonymity Over Offensive Behaviour . . 3

Like ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ Sgt Schultz we know noting about the Auckland lawyer investigated for ‘offensive’ behaviour – Mr P – who has retained his anonymity and a great deal more after Justice Matthew Palmer made the order in the High Court.

His firm and his legal practice specialty have also been suppressed under the order.

The details of the alleged incident have also been suppressed, all of which means we know little more than a ‘Mr P’ is a lawyer in Auckland who did and/or said offensive acts and comments to an unnamed victim.

The National Standards Committee of the NZ Law Society (NZLS) investigated the lawyer’s alleged misconduct and referred the matter to the Disciplinary Tribunal in May 2019.

The lawyer concedes the verbal and physical sexual attention was unwelcome and offensive, the judgment said.

The affected person is taking no part in the process.

The representation for the NZLS said while those coming to the court should expect open justice, the “more pressing risk” was that of identifying the affected person.

Justice Matthew Palmer granted the suppression order and banned publication of the relevant law firm, details of the alleged incident and Mr P’s name, nature of practice and other identifying information.

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