The Wise-Cracking 80 Year Old Defendant

Judges like Judge John Hurley have dealt with just about everything and everyone in most cases, including coming face-to-face with murderers, rapists and drug dealers during his time in bond court.

John McLeod Quotes
John McLeod Quotes

But when plucky 80-year-old Dolores Sheinis walked in wearing a prison jumpsuit, he quickly realized it was going to one of his most entertaining hearings.

Her appearance at Broward County Court, Florida, quickly turned comical with the inmates sat behind her, attorneys and the judge breaking into hysterics.

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The Wise-Cracking 80 Year Old Defendant 3

Funny side of the law: Judge John Hurley starts laughing during 80-year-old Dolores Sheinis’ appearance in Broward County Court, Florida. During the three-minute hearing she made the courtroom break into hystrerics

She was taken into custody last Friday after resisting arrest for violating a protection order put in place by her husband more than 30 years ago.

During the three-minute hearing she called the judge ‘sweetheart’, said she couldn’t recognize his twang and asked if he could take her out for breakfast.

‘Have you ever thought of doing a stand-up routine,’ Judge Hurley asked her, to which she replied: ‘If you pay me good money sweetheart I’ll be there. I’m really short of funds.

Bizarrely she then said: ‘I don’t tip anybody. I make them banana bread and chocolate pudding pie.’

Still laughing, Judge Hurley then said: ‘You’ve brightened my day m’am’, to which she replied ‘That’s what the last guy said.’

Mrs Sheinis then said: ‘That is what the last guy said.’

Source: Daily Mail


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