Simple Steps Lawyers Can Use To Get New Clients By Blogging Correctly

Simple Steps Lawyers Can Use To Get New Clients By Blogging Correctly

By John Bowie* – Blogging for lawyers has been a big deal for some time, but many are doing it the wrong
way, making mistakes that will not help lawyers gain more clients:  a goal that
any law firm blogger has firmly in mind.

Question:  What to do?

Here are some key tips on how to attract more clients with your law firm blog, using
simple, practical techniques that will drive qualified clients to your site.

There can be merit in simply ‘blogging away’, using good content and some smart
keywords that will attract good search engine traffic.  But there is also a smarter
way by focusing more on what you’re doing.

First, consider exactly who you are writing for and write for them.

If you’re a class action lawyer you’ll want to focus on writing for specific class actions related
to the areas of your practice and keep your eye on your typical class action client.
If you handle motor cycle accidents, then consider the demographics of the average
motor cycle rider and focus upon them and their issues.

Worst mistake:  trying to write for everyone – spreading your net wide and missing
the target audience you need for your firm.

You should spend time identifying the characteristics of your average client in your
area(s) of practice and write for them specificallly.

Second, put your personal and professional ego to one side.

Your ‘average client’ couldn’t care less about your goals or your business plan or what you’re attempting
to achieve with your blog.  They’re not interested in puff pieces about your latest
win or loss, or hiring or expansion to another town.

He or she is interested in . . . what, exactly?  Answer that question and you are
on your way towards achieving content that will bring your ideal clients to your blog.

Third, do some brain-storming about what your ideal client wants to know. 

With legal isssues that’s not too difficult.  But where many law firm blogs fall down is
in their failure to focus upon specifics and to err on the side of ego – ie.
why we’re the best, why you need us and why you should call now.  But give them a
real reason to call by outlining in a personal and direct communication why
you’re uniquely able to help.

That requires focus and good, clear writing.

Which brings me to the next point about good attorney blogging.

Four, write clearly. 

Don’t show off by using too many latin tags or legal terminology.
You’re trying to attract clients to your blog so write quality content clearly.
Simple, short sentences.  Clear messages.  Examples.  Key steps. Important ‘takeaways’.

Five, promote your blog smartly. 

Too many good blog pieces get lost in the blogosphere
because they’re not being marketed smartly.  One of the best ways to do this is to
post your item to other, authoritative blogs in your area of interest.  This means
you can immediately spread your own influence to a targeted audience and also elevate
your blog or law firm rankings.

Further you should use a good social media strategy – the obvious ones being
LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ – and use them to interact with people in your
area.  Social media should be a cornerstone of yur online blog marketing strategy.
Sure, it can take a little time.  But so does attending marketing or Rotary
meetings.  And, after all, if done properly it pays off, right?

Six, be personal and trustworthy. 

A personal relationship online is more than
being some hopeful on a dating site.  It is getting potential clients to trust you
and believe in you.  What you need to do is write personally in a manner that
will convey your personality so readers can identify with you and get to know – and
trust – you.

You should also make sure you give them every reason to sign on, but putting in
opt-in forms and email subscription forms to let them follow your posts and
advice.  By developing a relationship with these people you have the chance to build
credibility and trust.

And those two ingredients are the gold standard when it comes to obtaining
clients via a blog.  They are the golden key to new law firm clients and you
just need to unlock that door.

*John Bowie is the founding publisher of, one of the Net’s first online news sites for lawyers.

He may be contacted at [email protected].


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