Britney Spears “Bimbo” Charged With Los Angeles Hit and Run

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers) – Former Mouseketeer Britney Spears is being charged with with hit and run, as well as for operating a motor vehicle a valid driver’s license on August 6, 2007, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney.

Spears, allegedly a drug abuser and nitwit, is a 25-year-old pop singer involved in the jewish cult known as Cabala. Spears was charged crimes of hit and run causing property damage and for driving without a valid California driver’s license (“CDL”). Since the LA City Attorney only handles misdemeanors it is safe to say Spears was charged with that as opposed to felonies.

The charges carry a maximum penalties of six months in jail and a $1,000 fines. The charges arise out of an incident taking place in a private parking lot in San Fernando Valley on August 6.

Spears according to public records, allegedly struck a parked car and drove away from the scene without exchanging information or calling police.

The hit and victim filed a police report on or August 9, 2007. The city attorney’s office did not say if Spears’ motor vehicle had been damaged.

There is no information currently available on how much damage was done to the victim’s car.

Spears was mailed a letter soon after telling her about her alleged crimes and her hearing. However, it is doubtful Spears appear since she was only charged with misdemeanors. The Spears criminal hearing is to be held October 10, 2007. The Court address is unavailable at this time.

Recently, Spears was seen fumbling and stumbling all over herself and appeared to be wasted on national television. when she lip synced “Gimme More” at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Spears has engaged in strange and erratic behavior recently and is currently involved in a custody battle with the father of her child. This is merely the latest in a bizarre series of ridiculous instances involving her public life. If you or someone you know has been injured in a hit and run accident in Los Angeles, you are encouraged to contact aggressive Ehline Law Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers.

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