Couple Files Suit Over Alleged Nightclub Beating at Gallagher’s Pub in Huntington Beach

Ehline Law are seeking witnesses to an alleged bouncer attack that occurred in Orange County back in January of 2006, at Gallagher’s pub. This is according to victims Ken Smith and Mary Pfeifer, who recently filed suit in a bouncer attack at Gallagher’s pub in Huntington Beach. The facts relate that on the evening of 12-22-06, they were falsely imprisoned, beaten and put in choke holds over a $3.00 beer.

Both victims relate that they were sitting at their table when the pub manager approached their table and angrily demanded that they pay for a bottle beer that they had not ordered, consumed or purchased.

The waitress who had served the couple explained to the Gallagher’s manager that the couple had not ordered, or been served the additional beer. She also advised that the manager was mistaken.

The Gallagher’s manager then ordered several bouncers to physically remove the couple by force. The couple alleges the entire incident was captured on video tape by security cameras. In any event, they were both placed in choke holds and dragged out of the pub into the street.

When the Huntington Breach police arrived, they said it was apparently a “civil matter” and refused the couple assistance.

If you have information about the alleged bouncer attack on the Huntington Beach couple, please contact the Ehline Law at (213) 596-9642.

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