Buying A Houseboat Or A Barge In Paris

If you live in Paris then it is not surprising for you at all to indulge in the boat business. The city automatically develops a love for different types of boats. There are three main types of boats that are found cruising on the rivers of Paris.

Paris Houseboats: They are a rectangular pontoon with a home structure that offers mobility. It is usually not powered but they can be towed.

Paris Barges: Are boats of various lengths and widths that were basically designed for navigation purposes.

Small Paris boats: They are up to Seven feet wide and up to 70 ft long that are run on canals and inland city waterways.

If you are to get yourself plunged into the boat business, then you need to know about the financial issues related to barges rental Paris and rental Paris houseboats.
If we are to have a look into the market, about 90 percent are direct cash dealers. But if you are interested in getting finance because of shortage of money or any other reason, then marine specialists can help you. But marine financing is tricky and expensive. In order to get some finance there are two worldwide famous companies:
Collidge & Partners that offers rental houseboats in Paris and other cities There specialty is that they can lend up to 80 per cent of the price) over a period of 10-15 years. All the boats are however required to have a residential/permanent mooring agreement and will have to pass a test. The interest rates apply.

Barclays Marine Finance lend on purchases from £7,501 upwards and up to 90 per cent of the price. They require a survey and valuation for a loan of more than £15,000 when the boat is over one year old. Interest rates are applicable.

Paris Boat renting or boat purchasing is particularly a hideous business for the First-time Buyers. Comparing prices of different Paris boats, Paris rental barges will give you an idea of how much economical a boat can coast. But still the financial costs are difficult to pay in most of the cases as the per month mooring costs are higher and the other related costs make the deal pretty much expensive.

In the buying business a boat is termed as a chattel and the selling or renting process is just the same as that for a car. Make sure the boat is vendor owned and licensed. For this purpose a survey might be required than can cost you up to 2000 pounds.

If you are going for higher priced boats, renting a houseboat or a barge you can seek the service of a solicitor. A boat safety scheme certificate should also be looked for a boat before you buy it. Other costs include the maintenance costs that depend upon the level of service and location. Running costs are the essential cost that are to be incurred that include the fuel and engine oil, repairs, toilets and pumps. This shows that boat hiring or boat buying is not at all an easy business. les bateaux parisiens, bateaux parisien.

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