Can Stress Be Made Illegal?

Can Stress Be Made Illegal? 2

Can the law beat stress?  Can there really be a world where  stressful after-work calls, emails and texts were rendered illegal.  It’s an idea that is already taking hold in countries like Germany, Belgium and via an email-banning agreement reached in France.

Many officials, including the German Employment Minister, believe smartphones and email are creating a dangerous culture where employees are constantly on call and unable to separate their private lives from work, leading to a rise in stress levels and mental illness.

Problems exist for lawyers in particular and a raft of programs in the US, UK and elsewhere have been set up by Bar Associations, Law Society groups and others to deal with lawyers with depression or less severe signs of stress.

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Whether the law changes that are being developed in Europe is the way to go or not is another issue.  However stress is certainly something that technology and other issues has brought once more to the forefront of most of our lives.

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