Caricature Wins the Prize at Writing Company holds a Photo Contest

Every worker needs a break from his or her duties. While being true for any occupation, this simple maxim of successful business is especially true for talented and creative people such as custom writers. To prove that is an exemplary writing company in its care about both customers and writers, the management of has decided to introduce a bit of fun into the working procedure of its writers by launching a photo contest among the employees of the company.
We thought it would be a fine encouragement of their creative skills,” the CEO of shares his plans. “And a fine break in the endless row of orders that need completion. We cannot let the routine make their talents wither.”
Therefore, last month the company launched preparations for a major photo contest that included several nominations and a hefty sum of prize money. Last week more than 50 works were presented to the audience and the public vote among all workers of the company allowed electing the winners. Ironically enough, the absolute majority of votes were given to the collage entitled Custom Writing that displays an author at his working desk with a shadow of a Quality Assurance department editor looming behind with a leather whip in her hand.
You can find more information on the services and news of the company at website or by contacting the customer care center. is a writing company whose focus is helping students of the most challenging and complex study levels. While not limiting itself to PhD dissertations, preserves a professional approach and thorough research traditions that make quality written papers the hallmark of the company.

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