Hiring a Chevy Lemon Law Attorney In California

Hiring a Chevy Lemon Law Attorney In California

Have you recently purchased a new Chevrolet? Does it give you mechanical troubles too frequently? Since new vehicles aren’t supposed to show signs of malfunction right from the start, it’s possible that you purchased a lemon. 

There is no reason to feel desperate, as you can file a claim against the manufacturer based on the lemon law in California. These laws are created for the purpose of safeguarding consumers from faulty vehicles still under warranty. 

If looking for a Chevy Lemon Law attorney, the following information might be of assistance.

Lemon laws

These laws are actually regulations designed to protect consumers upon purchasing a defective vehicle that fails to meet quality standards and usefulness. These regulations apply to the defects that affect the value, use, and safety of vehicles. If a particular auto cannot be repaired after numerous attempts, the manufacturer is obliged to replace or repurchase it. 

Lemon laws differ across states and are mainly aimed at covering the purchases of new vehicles, as well as other leases and purchases. Consumers are restricted when it comes to the period during which they can report their purchases as lemons. This timeframe is individually determined by each state. 

California lemon law

The lemon law in the state of California applies to the majority of new vehicles either purchased or leased in this state, which are still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. It also applies to used vehicles still under a manufacturer’s new car warranty. Any time left on the warranty serves to protect the new owner of the auto. 

After a reasonable number of attempts to repair a vehicle, the manufacturer will be required to replace it or buy it back. Consumers are only compensated if a manufacturer cannot fix a problem that’s covered by the warranty and not caused by unreasonable or unauthorized use of the auto after the sale. The number of repair attempts considered reasonable is determined by multiple factors. Click here for a definition of lemon laws. 

Hiring a Chevy Lemon Law Attorney In California

For instance, a vehicle is considered a lemon if the problem occurred in the first eighteen months of delivery or within the first 18,000 miles. This law is also applicable if you have taken the car for repair to the manufacturer four times or more for the same issue, which remains unfixed. It also applies in cases where the car has been out of service for longer than thirty days. 

Moreover, the state of California obliges manufacturers to repurchase or replace faulty autos promptly. Consumers have the right to opt for a refund over a replacement. Such vehicles that get repurchased by dealers and then sold to consumers have to be identified as lemon law buybacks and must have a special sticker placed on their doors. 

In California, the largest part of car manufacturers offers an arbitration program that’s certified by the state to resolve potential warranty problems. Arbitration is free of charge and simplifies the process of resolving disputes. The consumer and the manufacturer come to an agreement to authorize a third party, known as an arbitrator, to determine whether enough repair attempts have been made.

Is your Chevrolet a lemon?

In order for your Chevrolet to qualify for repurchase or replacement, it must have a defect that dealerships were unable to fix. Owners of lemon Chevrolets are permitted by law to sue the manufacturer for any damages not taken care of promptly. Potential Chevy issues that qualify for compensation include brake leaks, leaks, steering issues, transmission problems, etc. Follow this link, https://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-parts/brakes/brake-problems/leaking-brake-fluid.htm, to learn why your car might be leaking brake fluid.

Other issues to report are related to shifting, windshield wipers, ignition, vibration, dashboard lights, electrical systems, and others. Chevrolet owners should be on the lookout for warning signs like excessive oil consumption, sudden deceleration, fluid leaks, transmission failure, sudden jerking in the course of driving, and the check engine light that turns on. If these symptoms appear repeatedly, your Chevy is likely to be a lemon. 

Should you hire an attorney?

Hiring a lemon law attorney in California is considered a wise decision when filing a claim. Instead of going through the process on your own, you should have a lawyer by your side to protect your interests. Such a professional will ensure manufacturers don’t take advantage of you. When walking the path on your own, you might come across a bully carmaker or one that manipulates you into accepting another repair.

Fortunately, a lemon law attorney invests its best efforts to protect your rights and get you an appropriate refund. The experience of these professionals helps them to handle the claims of clients successfully even when they are up against a large corporation. They have dealt with numerous cases in the past, which enables them to achieve the best deals on behalf of their clients. 

Another crucial thing to bear in mind is that the lemon law in California has a fee-shifting clause, stating that if the consumer wins the case, the attorney’s costs and fees are covered by the manufacturer. Consequently, you won’t have to pay any expenses or extra costs to the lawyer. 

Another reason for Chevy owners to hire an attorney for assisting them with their lemon law claims is to let these professionals perform all the work for you. These lawyers ensure their clients are fully aware of their rights. It’s no surprise that individuals have limited legal knowledge and no experience in this field. Anyhow, your only task would be to provide your attorney with the necessary data and let him/her do what it takes to win the claim. 

Furthermore, the negotiating skills of these attorneys are superb. Being a good negotiator is indispensable so as to face the legal team of the manufacturer. Your case will be stronger, and the chances to win higher.

A final note

Hiring such an attorney will be of tremendous importance for winning the claim. 


Do not be tricked into accepting a low sum as compensation!

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