Child Bitten in the Face in Los Angeles Pit Bull Attack


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According to reports by at least one Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm, a two-year-old boy was bitten in the face by a Pit Bull a little after 11:00 a.m. Wednesday in the backyard of his residence in the 13000 block of Louvre Street in Pacoima.

His grandmother was supervising the toddler when the Pit Bull attacked the boy his grandmother jumped on the back of the dog to pull it away from the toddler. She sustained puncture wounds to her hand and arm, as well as major bites to her right leg and thigh during the dog bite attack.

According to a Los Angeles Police Sgt. Rich Suviate the toddler received one bite from the bridge of the nose to under the eye socket, another that was down the bridge of the nose and one that was through the mouth and cheek area. When Los Angeles Firefighters arrived on the scene of the dog bite attack in order to reach the toddler they had to use a fire extinguisher on the Pit Bull and another dog that was in the front yard of the home barking.

It has been reported that Sgt. Suviate stated the toddler was airlifted at a near by park by helicopter along with his grandmother and were taken to Children’s Hospital. He also stated that the doctor said there had been no damage to his nasal or sinus cavities. He also stated that the toddler is in stable condition and while he will need some plastic surgery on his face the injuries are non-life threatening.

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